Mark Ballas Writes About He And Aly Raisman’s New Dances For DWTS Week 8

Mark Ballas has blogged that his back is “still not 100%”, but, he’s “powering through.” Here’s what he tells us about he and Aly Raisman’s new dances for this coming Monday night….

Our trio dance is the jive, which is one of my favorite dances of all time. It’s quick, it’s slick and it’s got a lot of personality. We are going for a cool theme this week too which will add a lot of flare to the dance. Aly is constantly improving with the counts, which has been her weakest thing so far.

The other dance we are taking on is the Argentine Tango, which is a complete change of pace for Aly. The story of the tango is all about the woman of the night and I represent the paying customer. I’m really pleased with Aly’s progress with this character considering she has not had an intense dance yet. She’s handling the sexy very well.

You can read more at USA Today.

I have really enjoyed these two for the past two weeks. I hope they continue on the same path with Aly letting loose and really enjoying herself.