Kym Johnson Chats About Tonight’s Dances On Dancing With The Stars Week 8

Let’s hope Ingo Rademacher and Kym Johnson can make a really strong showing tonight!!! Here is a little teaser on tonight’s dance from OK! Magazine.

“We’re just gonna have to put a lot of work in,” says Kym. “I feel Ingo is improving every single week and he’s picking things up a lot quicker so we’ll have more time to refine the dances and make them perfect.”

A challenge in this week’s performance is that each couple is required to add a third dancer to their routine.

“We have Lindsay (Arnold),” says Kym. “I was going to take Cheryl (Burke) but I switched and I let Karina take her because I’m a nice person. Or stupid.”

“One of the things we have is we have a really fun song,” says Ingo. “We have the Jive and I think that will hopefully make it more fun.”