Sean Lowe Discusses Romance Rumors And Making It This Far On Dancing With The Stars

Sean Lowe puts the rumors to rest about romance rumors with he and Peta at Celebuzz. He also discusses his wedding plans with Catherine Giudici and Dancing With The Stars. Interesting how he doesn’t mention Jacoby or Ingo being better dancers than himself, but, only Kellie, Zendaya, and Ali. 😕

You’ve made it so far on the show and are now in your eighth week. Have you surprised yourself with how far you’ve come?

I don’t want to say it’s surprising because I’m so competitive (laughs), but I understand I’m not the most gifted dancer. I know Kellie [Pickler], Zendaya and Ali [Raisman] are better dancers, but I’m trying to maybe out-work them and put in more time than they are. So I’m trying to stick around as long as I can and hopefully my work ethic will make up for lack of natural talent.

You’ve also been able to sidestep injury, unlike so many others past and present. Have you been close or staying on your feet?

The show is physically grueling and I do have aches and pains and my body is sore. But I’ve been really lucky I haven’t had any major injuries or setbacks. I consider myself really lucky.

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UPDATE: And HERE is a rehearsal interview with Sean and Peta! Peta puts romance rumors to rest as well.