DWTS Season 16, Week 8 – Who Got the Boot? (SPOILERS)

So, DWTS Producers, if you’re keeping track, here’s how much of your show we predicted well before it went on the air:

– That Zendaya would get the encore.

– That you would put Jacoby or Kellie in Jeopardy.

– That you would deviate from the “Bottom two” formula and revert to the “not necessarily the bottom two” formula so that you could not reveal that Ingo is also bottom two.

– That Derek’s new dance would be more incredible than anything he’s done so far.

– That Sean would be eliminated.

And we were correct on ALL counts. Aren’t you embarrassed?? Aren’t you embarrassed to so blatantly pimp an ABC employee? Aren’t you embarrassed by making a fool out of yourselves for the tweens who aren’t even watching the show?? The very best choreographer you have gets treated like crap by an OTT judge (and he’s just the latest in a long line to get OTT treatment) has not gotten ONE encore this season (while the Disney employee is on number 3). Not to mention that week after week you find a way to show NO behind the scenes footage of certain couples, but drool all over others.  Heads up – *I* am a regular viewer (soon to be former regular viewer) and you’re only listening to the squeaky, childish wheels.  I hope Derek wins an Emmy and tells you to shove it up your….

Anyway….how did we do? Well, Courtney and I barely made it through the first half of the show without falling asleep from boredom.

Heidi: Said Sean was going home and Ingo was in the bottom two OR there would be no bottom two and either Jacoby or Kellie would be there with Sean.

Courtney: Said Sean was going home with Ingo in position number two.

Vogue: Said Sean and Ingo in the bottom two with Sean leaving.

Winners?? Derek Hough for managing to always come out smelling like a rose with amazing f@#king talent, Zendaya for winning this show whether people vote for her or NOT, and Peanut for future super stardom – much deserved.