Louis Van Amstel And Anna Trebunskaya Weigh In On Dancing With The Stars Week 8

Louis Van Amstel and Anna Trebunskaya weighed in on each of the Dancing With The Stars Week 8 performances at Good Morning America. Anna wrote this of Derek and Kellie’s Paso Doble….

Anna: That was very clever to tie the two dances together, an Angelic waltz and a Demonic Paso! The judges had a love fest but then Len spoils the party. The performance was amazing! Classical Paso- not so much… But who cares? With entertainment like that, we’ll buy it.

It was indeed amazing and the ‘dance of the night’ in my opinion. Would you all agree??

And here is Louis with the bottom line….

The Bottom Line

Louis: Great night. I must say though the judges have been quite off, in my opinion. I do have to say that’s my opinion and that doesn’t mean you have to agree. Both Ingo and Sean are in trouble. If it were up to the judges, Sean goes home. If it were up to last week’s results, Ingo goes home. My money is on Sean to go home because of his trio dance.

You can read the full blog at Good Morning America.

Also, Good Morning America may have a review or segment dedicated to the night. Look for it to be posted here.

Stay tuned! Heidi’s new Numbers and Predictions post is coming up! 😉