PureDWTS Season 16 Week 8 Interviews After Dance Night, Judges Talk, And More

Well, I’m still put out with the judges last night!! Apparently, George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet is put out as well as he asked several of the couples about what they thought of the judges bickering and opinions after the show. He also asked the couples on the twitter dance, the 300th episode, and why they think Dancing With The Stars has had such a successful run…..

First, George starts out telling Derek and Kellie he hasn’t seen so much fighting between the judges as he has this season. Derek usually knows when he’s going to get knocked down by one of them, but, he wasn’t expecting it last night being he put in some moves he thought Len would love (Derek explains this to E NEWS as well). On the twitter dance, Kellie and Derek are ready for whatever choice they get. Derek talks of the “moments” he’s had with Dancing With The Stars some of which include Kellie and hopes there will be more. Dancing With The Stars has been an incredible experience.

George thinks Jacoby’s Mom should dance next season. Jacoby says she “can get down”. When asked about the judges differences in opinion of their Paso Doble, Karina says it’s great and everyone has an opinion. She’s proud of their Paso Doble and what Jacoby did with it last night. They also explain which twitter dances they’d like and hope to get and Jacoby promises he “will get down” (lol) no matter what. Jacoby also reassures Raven Nation that he loves them even though he chose yellow and black for their costume colors.

Zendaya and Val are happy with their “30”! Zendaya says she was just having fun and not worrying about the dance. Val says they try to over prepare until Sunday so that Mondays are enjoyable and they can just focus just on the performance. As for the twitter dance, they are looking forward to the challenge even if it’s not a familiar dance for Val to teach. Val thinks Dancing With The Stars is successful because it brings family together and also because of the dancers, etc. He says Tom is the spine of the show (so true!) and he’s thankful to be a part of it all.

Mark and Aly are ok with the twitter dance idea. Aly wants the Afro Jazz. Aly thinks it’s the “packages” for why people love Dancing With The Stars. Mark’s favorite memories have been everything…the dancing and the friends he’s made. Aly is thankful for her fans and how nice they’ve been to her. Mark is proud of her improvement and their Tango.

Kym and Ingo! George praised them for everything clicking last night! Ingo says the long hours of rehearsals and not feeling well made it challenging. He talks of “warming up” some uncomfortable spots before the show which helped. They are a little worried for their twitter dance choice and hope they don’t get Hip Hop (I hope they won’t get the Hip Hop too. 80 ). They also talk of the 300th episode and why people love Dancing With The Stars. Kym says her favorite dance has been the Cha Cha with Jerry Springer.

Sean says it’s been a tough week, but, he’s happy and still smiling. If he goes home tonight, he’s thankful for the experience. Peta tells Sean not to give up yet. He thanks everyone for their love and support, but, he hopes he will be back to try and do a better dance. Peta is over all the new styles of dances producers keep throwing at them, but, they are ok if they get the Afro Jazz (EEK!). Peta says people love Dancing With The Stars because “dance fills people with love” (beautiful words and so true!). Her favorite dance so far has been she and Donald’s freestyle.

You can view more interviews at Access Hollywood and Pure Derek Hough. Below is Karina and Jacoby with their game plan for the rest of the season….

And lastly, below is PopTVDotCom with some coverage after the show. It’s fun seeing Andy Dick again….

And that makes this post a wrap. More in a bit! Thanks for reading and watching!! 😉 xxx

UPDATE: And here is Tony Dovolani with the cast as well….

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