DWTS Mark Ballas Previews New Album At Billboard In New Trailer

Check out this new “behind the scenes” album teaser from Mark Ballas and see if you like what you hear? I’m really liking it. From Billboard.com today and here’s to Mark’s new music….

He adds, “I think it gives you a really clear taste of what’s to come.” And there is almost certainly more to come. “All of this work will lead to my first full studio production album,” explains Ballas, “where I get to show my true style and musical direction.”

Ahead of his forthcoming album release, Ballas has been working with the likes of producers from Timbaland’s camp including Wizz Dumb and Jim Beanz, plus the Stereotypes. And he’s been doing co-writes with Jozzy, BC Jean and Clarence Coffee, Jr.

Ballas has been working away at his debut for several years. Though his people haven’t announced a release date yet, what they are saying is to expect an album with touches of jazz and blues, merged with rock, funk and flamenco and international pop, and highlighted by big urban beats.