PureDWTS Season 16 Week 8 Interviews After The Elimination, Dances Revealed For Week 9

So, let’s go straight to the On The Red Carpet interviews to see the couples reactions to last night’s elimination and see what they have to say about next week’s dances. First, who needs a repeat of this phenomenal and unforgettable moment on Dancing With The Stars last night? Please, nominate this dance for an EMMY PTB!! While watching this last night, all I could think about was Michael Jackson and how he was trying to defy gravity before he died in his “This Is It” tour. I think he would have been so “awwwed” and proud of this dance….

Ok, with that said, let’s see what George could find out for us for next week. Note first that Jacoby and Karina must have skipped the after show interviews. Maybe they went straight to rehearsals instead?

First up, Derek and Kellie talk of having the Flamenco. Derek hasn’t heard the music yet, but, it will be about “keeping the devil down”. Their other dance is the Argentine Tango! Next week, is all about being intense. George also asks Derek about having 4 couples in the finale. Derek isn’t sure how he feels, but, more routines means more entertainment, so it will be ok. Kellie also talks a little of her new single coming out.

George is having a hard time reading Val and his feelings about having the Hip Hop next week. Val has a lot of research to do. The Quickstep is their other dance. Val is going to try and relax and enjoy the ride for whatever happens. When asked about having 4 couples in the finals, Val is tongue tied, but, mentions how more people would get paid. He hopes just to move and inspire the audience no matter who and how many are in the finals.

Aly and Mark are excited about having the Afro Jazz next week. Mark says it will be very tribal and punk (Mark, a bit of advise… don’t go with any “monkey” moves or monkey costumes). They are also happy with the idea of having 4 couples in the finals. They don’t admit to having a Rumba, but, it’s mentioned at the end. So, I think they do?

Kym is excited about having 4 couples in the finals. Ingo would like to make it to the finals so he can fly on the Disney plane if he wins. They are happy to have the Charleston next week. Ingo just wants to do what they want and go have fun. For their second dance, they have a Samba which will be sexy. They have a lot of work to do.

Zendaya and Val also spoke with Access Hollywood. Zendaya is excited to have the Hip Hop which is her element (this seems so unfair! 😕 ).

Also, here is PopTVDotCom with some coverage after the elimination with Whitney Carson….

Stay tuned. We may add more in a bit!!! 😉