DWTS16 Mark Ballas Writes About Choreographing The Afro Jazz And More

Mark Ballas talks of the continued progress Aly Raisman is making in a new blog for USA Today.He also gives us a glimpse for what it’s been like to choreograph their upcoming Afro Jazz. Here is more in detail….

Aly is showing constant improvement to me every week and it’s been amazing coaching her through this. Her sense of timing is so much better this week. She’s really learning to sustain music and embody the musicality of both dances. It’s especially amazing considering that on the first day, she couldn’t even hear the first beat of the bar. For me, that kind of growth is what this competition is all about — showing constant improvement, coming out of your shell and accomplishing things you never thought you could — and Aly is doing all of those things.

Choreographing the Afro jazz number has really been a blast. It’s got an amazing sense of freedom and wild abandon and it’s so much fun to just let your body go. I love the tribal feel of the music and Aly is taking it on beautifully and is really enjoying the rhythmic feel of the music.

This week promises to be extremely entertaining for Aly, demonstrating two different temperaments of dance: extreme, tribal and powerful and soft, sensitive and sensual.