PureDWTS Exclusive: Henry Byalikov Talks Of Dancing, Choreographing, And His Movie Role In The Great Gatsby

We have an exclusive new interview to share with you with dance pro and Troupe Member Henry Byalikov!! He took time out of his extremely busy schedule currently to answer a few questions about Dancing With The Stars. Also, and in case you know, this is a very special time in Henry’s career as he’s also featured in the new movie “The Great Gatsby” which is now out in movie theatres everywhere. So we also asked Henry some questions on his role and part in the movie. He takes us right there up close and personal. Check it out…

Hi Henry! How are you and how is Dancing With The Stars going for you this season? As always, our staff and fans are enjoying you immensely on the show. Speaking of, you choreographed an opening group number for Week 5’s Results show that was indeed spectacular! 

Hi there! I’m great and have to say this is one of the most exciting season’s of my Dancing With The Stars experience. Loved being able to choreograph this season! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did 🙂
Wow, and your help with Derek and Kellie and their Great Gatsby dance in Week 5 was off the hook. What was the creative process like and working with Derek again?
It certainly was a pleasure working with Kellie, Derek and Anna this season. The creative process was somewhat more separate as compared to season 14’s Bollywood Samba. In this instance, I was able to choreograph the foxtrot that Anna and I performed. Once that was complete, it was a matter of marrying the two routines (Derek and Kellie’s and Anna and mine), so that we could make a real performance piece of it. I think that’s where the collaboration started, as Derek, Anna, Kellie and I, all wanted it to be more of a scene performed together rather than a strict side by side comparison. I think it worked out to be more entertaining that way.


This was also the first time, on Dancing With The Stars, that I have performed a traditional ballroom number and I had a blast! Incorporating a Gatsby theme was almost part and parcel of this collaboration, as I had already been part of “The Great Gatsby”. Performing with Anna, Derek and Kellie was a wonderful experience!

What is the greatest memory you will take with you from working on The Great Gatsby?

My favourite moment would have to be being on set and seeing how flawlessly Baz directed this huge production and how wonderfully the lead actors and actresses portrayed their characters live. Seeing it come to life before my very eyes was an incredibly special moment and one I will take with me forever.

Back to Dancing With The Stars: Will you be a pro in the future if asked or do you enjoy more flexibility as a troupe member?

A Pro is what I have been in the past, and what I look forward to in the future. 

Thanks so much, Henry!!! From all of us at PureDWTS, good luck with wrapping the season up on Dancing With The Stars and may The Great Gatsby be a huge success!!!

To dance fans, be sure you see The Great Gatsby as the dancing in it will be nothing short of phenomenal and you’ll get to see Henry too. Let us know if you see it and what you think.

Pictures for this interview courtesy of The Great Gatsby facebook and On The Red Carpet.