Judge Bruno Tonioli Assesses And Advises The Final 5 On Dancing With The Stars

USA Today has a new interview up with Dancing With The Stars judge Bruno Tonioli. He discusses the Final 5’s weaknesses and strengths. He also gives each couple some advice which you can read below. See if you agree?? I think he pretty much nails it.

For Ingo….

tighten up. Don’t make any mistakes. Really smooth out the Latin.”

For Jacoby….

Bruno’s advice: “He has to clean up the footwork and make it much more exact, because he has the performance value and energy” to go all the way. Bruno notes that past football stars have done well, including Emmitt Smith, who was crowned DWTS champ in 2006, and Hines Ward, who won in 2011. “The sportsmen, in a way, they comes to the final and they deliver in an unexpected turn. I think the margin is going to be very, very small whoever gets to the finals. It often comes down to the freestyle dance. Jacoby has that explosive energy that could bring the house down.”

For Aly….

Bruno’s advice: “Add the softness to the strength.”

For Zendaya…..

Bruno’s advice: “If she took three or four ballet classes, she would learn to sustain the long times. I think that’s what, if anything, she needs to work on: elongating the lines in the slow, lyrical dances.”

For Kellie….

Bruno’s advice: “Kellie, throw yourself into it with gay abandon!” He adds, “She has to believe in herself. Don’t show doubt in her face. Ever. At all.”

To read this interview in full, see USA Today. It’s a good one.