Aly Raisman’s Transformation On Dancing With The Stars, Finale Talk, And More

Aly Raisman visited with Access Hollywood all about her dancing transformation on Dancing With The Stars. She feels like she’s transformed from a girl to a woman (this is so true, isn’t it?!). From all the dances, she thought the Rumba would be the hardest, but, she ended up loving it. Lots more below including talk of the Olympics and how we’ll see her in them in 2016.

Also, don’t miss reading a new interview with Aly at TV Guide. Below she talks of the finale dances….

The 24-Hour Challenge is for Tuesday. I’m assuming you’ll find out what you have after Monday.
Raisman: Yeah, so I absolutely no idea what’s going on until after the show Monday, so we’re literally not even thinking about that right now.

What do you have planned for your freestyle?
Raisman: We have a great song. The song doesn’t have any lyrics, but it’s a cool song that has an amazing beat. It’s a pump-up song. When you hear it, you want to start working out or dancing. It’s going to be a fun and energetic dance. It’s going to be another cardio routine for me.

Do you guys have a theme?
Raisman: Right now, no. it’s just a high-energy, fun dance.

You were part of Shawn [Johnson]’s freestyle last season. Are you going to bring anyone in for yours?
Raisman: No, and definitely not the Fierce Five. I feel like when I started [the show], everyone was comparing me to Shawn, and we’re really different. I was so thankful that Shawn invited us to come on last season, but if I were to invite the rest of the Fierce Five on now, then that would be copying Shawn. And Mark always says, “Art stops where copying begins.”