Dancing With The Stars Judge Bruno Tonioli Breaks Down The Final Four (Video)

Judge Bruno Tonioli breaks down the final four on Dancing With The Stars. He talks on each of their strengths and weaknesses. See if you don’t agree. Once again, he pretty much nails it.

ETA: Bruno also discussed the judges chemistry and the Final 4 with XFinity. Note how he thinks Aly has had the most interesting journey. He also comments on Andy Dick and how ultimately he shouldn’t have made the final which I’m not sure I agree with. Why can’t an “entertaining” person make the finale?

In fact, Bruno said he, Len, and Carrie Ann Inaba have a special chemistry that has lasted 16 seasons — unlike on other judge-revolving reality shows — “DWTS” has never replaced any judge on the original panel.

“I think you can not create chemistry,” he said. “It sounds good on paper at times, X, Y and Z doing this and that, but it is not guaranteed and a lot of times, a show loses a lot because it can not recreate some kind of original chemistry that was there initially. It’s something either you’ve got or you haven’t. Especially when you work [on] live [TV] and you’re unscripted to generate that quick-fire is actually not easy to do.”

Meanwhile, Bruno thinks “DWTS” has its perhaps strongest Final 4 ever in Jacoby Jones, Kellie Pickler, Aly Raisman, and Zendaya Coleman. According to Bruno, Olympic gymnast Aly has had the most interesting journey on the show this season. “She has become a performer. It’s wonderful to see a young girl who has discovered a new talent within herself and is growing so much.”

And he said of fan favorite Andy Dick, who exited the show earlier this season, “Andy brought incredible entertainment. I could watch him every week. Obviously, he wasn’t the best dancer, but he turned it on for the public and, of course, you respond to that.”

When asked if there should be a way for the more entertaining personalities to stay on the show longer, Bruno said no. “Ultimately, it has to be the best dancers to get to [the finale] because then you do a comedy show. There is no way you could have Andy in the final next to Zendaya.”

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