DWTS Season 16, The Finale – And the Winner Is….? (SPOILERS)

This was a pretty interesting show, actually. Hated the reused choreo from pro dances during the season, but I liked the little cameos in the dances like the one of Len with Lisa and Andy and the boys with PSY.

Shock of the night….Aly was in 4th place. A whole bunch of filler later and we find Jacoby got third place…and had the best goodbye package in the history of this show. πŸ™‚

Then it came down to, as expected, Kellie and Zendaya….and the winner is: KELLIE AND DEREK!!

How did we do?

Heidi: I said Zendaya would win with Kellie in the #2 spot. My second choice was Zendaya winning with Aly in the #2 spot.

Courtney: Said Zendaya was going to win with Kellie in #2 spot.

Vogue: Β Put Kellie in the #1 spot with Zendaya in #2.

Winner (besides Kellie and Derek?): Vogue and Whoever said pimping doesn’t always win. Β Very happy to be WRONG.