PureDWTS Season 16 Media And Interviews After The Finale (Video Wrap Up)

Wow, what a finale on Dancing With The Stars!! All four contestants are truly winners in some way. Let’s get right to the new interviews for what took place after Monday night’s show with George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet. However, first, just a personal thank you to all of you for following along, reading us, and all of your support and participations this season. Also, don’t forget we don’t go away in the off season. We continue to report on all of the pros and cast from their dance and Red Carpet appearances and more. We also have some “exclusive” interviews planned. Courtney holds an Awards and much more. Heidi has some cool new series ideas planned….and then there is the new Cheesecake Awards. Plus, we post on all the NEW RUMORS for the new cast next season. Note: in the last off season, Jacoby Jones was rumored to dance right after the finals. So, you never know when a new rumor will pop up. It’s fun. So, don’t go away. Ok, time for some new interviews.

First up, Kellie and Derek!!! They talk of the “moment” they had during their Freestyle and the chances they took. Derek’s Mom was crying as she was so proud. Kellie is so happy for all the greatest new friends she made. Win or lose, they will cherish every moment.

George tells Jacoby that he may be an underdog, but, sometimes this can work in someone’s favor. He tells Jacoby he shouldn’t be down. Karina loves Jacoby and would not change a second of this journey. Also, there is no rest for Jacoby. As soon as Dancing With The Stars is over, he will head straight to football practice for the Baltimore Ravens. When George presses Jacoby on why he’s upset again, Jacoby says he’s mad and a competitor. He wanted higher scores, but, George says the fans could come through for them.

Aly says for whatever happens tomorrow, she knows they did their best. She stresses how ‘everyone’ did the their best. Mark talks of how they wanted to do something new and different for their freestyle. He’s proud of Aly and thinks she was the most improved dancer this season. Aly says she’s grown as a person, she had so much fun, and she just enjoyed herself. She’s learned to be more relaxed in front of the camera and trusts people more too.

George ask Val straight up on his eye injury. It was unsettling and it panicked everyone. Zendaya says win or lose, she did something she never thought possible by just making it to the finals.

There aren’t any Access Hollywood interviews posted yet, but, be sure to be watching this link as they may post some later. Same with ET Online.

E News interviewed Val and Zendaya. Oddly enough, Val thinks the eye injury helped his performance…..

“It was an hour before the show, so everybody panicked,” Val explained of his injury. “There were talks about replacing me, and that was not going to happen. I was just praying it was going to stop bleeding, which, thank God, it did because it’s a very deep cut.”

Zendaya recalled the scary moment during the rehearsal when her elbow hit Val’s eye, saying, “I already knew it was bad, and then he was going through dress rehearsal with blood all over his face. I just had to keep going because I know he wants me to keep going. He kept smiling, so that’s the cue to keep on going.”

Oddly enough, Val told us he believes the injury actually helped his performance. “My back is killing me. Like seriously killing me. My shoulder is killing me. [My eye] honestly took my mind off all that pain. I’m lucky it happenedโ€ฆIt made me enjoy the moment a little more.”

More at E News including a video.

Lastly, Henry of POPTVDotCom also has some coverage of the cast going to dinner, etc. after the show. They express their thoughts and sympathies on the Oklahoma tornado and more. Emmitt Smith was there and talks to Henry too.

Stay tuned. More coming…. ๐Ÿ˜‰