Cheryl Burke Discusses The DWTS Season 16 Finale, Wants Sam Champion To Dance, And More

Pro Cheryl Burke joined the GMA cast to discuss to Dancing With The Stars finale. First the hosts tell Cheryl she and D.L. Hughley should have received a “Spirit” Aawrd. She comments how she never thought they’d make it to week 5 and they were receiving a pity vote. Then they discuss how all the celebs were paired right with each pro (I agree! They were!). Then they discuss the Finals and how Derek Hough and Kellie Pickler won and how they deserved it. Cheryl loved Jacoby and Karina too and their fun and energy. Then Cheryl promotes her quest for women with bladder issues, Depends, and the “dress for success” Great American Try On Charity. They end the interview trying to convince Sam Champion to dance next season on Dancing With The Stars (I wish he would dance too! Do you?). Cheryl wants him for a partner. He changes the subject. lol You can watch this new interview at ABC HERE.