Pre DWTS Season 16 Finale Poll Results vs. ABC Voting Mishap Theory

DonaMadrina wrote to us and pointed out some interesting results on some polls taken before the Dancing With The Stars finale. With or without the ABC mishap in their voting system last Monday night, TV Guide’s polls tipped Kellie Pickler to take home the Mirror ball trophy at 59%, Zendaya received 27% pf the votes, while Aly Raisman earned 9% and Jacoby Jones 5%.

In a poll at Digital Spy, Kellie garnished 51.78% of the votes, Zendaya garnished 34.3%, Aly garnished 8.12%, and 5.8% of the votes went to Jacoby.

In our Poll at PureDWTS, Kellie topped the votes at 64%, Zendaya got 30% of the votes, and Aly and Jacoby both tied with 3% of the votes.

Lastly, and not that the Dial Idol polls are accurate always (as we’ve highly stressed in the past), but, they tipped Kellie to win as well. DonaMadrina has been watching this source closely and tells us she’s never seen such a “landslide in raw numbers for any season, but this season, there was.” Though another interesting thing to note is that alumni and Dancing With The Stars season 11 winner Jennifer Grey was a landslide winner in other polls at the time, but, not at Dial Idol.

It begs the question, but, with or without the voting mishap at ABC, Kellie was going to win and deservedly so in my opinion. What do you think and let’s see what Heidi thinks too? Thanks so much Dona!!!!

Heidi: Online polls are crap. Dial Idol is CRAP. I don’t feel that that can be stressed enough. However, when ALL the polls (or 95% of them) and Dial Idol together show a certain outcome it begins to have the air of legitimacy – or at least strong possibility.  But still, going forward, don’t hang your hat on one poll or another, and certainly don’t cherry pick polls to make your case. Any poll or Dial Idol taken by itself is indicative of NOTHING, especially when that poll can be spammed.  Word to the wise. 🙂