DWTS Mark Ballas: “I wouldn’t mind cha-chaing with Jennifer Aniston”

Mark Ballas is featured in a new article in In Touch Weekly. In the new edition, he talks of how he wishes Jennifer Aniston would dance on Dancing With The Stars. He also chats about what he likes to do when he’s at home and how he’s a neat freak. Here’s a little take….

The 27-year-old is a big fan of the Friends star and says that the soon-to-be-wed star is not just his celebrity crush, she’s also his dream DWTS partner. “I think she’s cute, I think she’s funny,” Mark admitted a couple of years ago. “She’s just so sweet and so nice. I met her once, and she was very, very lovely. I should’ve said, ‘You should do Dancing With the Stars!’ But I didn’t.”

Mark, who’s won the mirror-ball trophy twice, also tells In Touch that when he’s not on the dance floor he likes to hang out at home in a comfy pair of gray sweats. And if you ever get invited back to Casa de Ballas, don’t move anything around, because this guy is a neat freak. “My house is organized because I have OCD,” he admits.

For more, pick up the new In Touch Weekly. It’s available in news stands everywhere. Also, if you’ve never seen Mark’s home, watch this…