Dancing With The Stars Winners And Where They Put Their Trophies

OMG Yahoo has posted a new article about where the winners of Dancing With The Stars have put their trophies. J.R. Martinez joked that he’d put his trophy in bed or on the hood of his car. However, his partner, Karina Smirnoff, had more traditional plans. Shawn Johnson’s trophy is at her parents’ house. Apparently, they show off her Dancing With The Stars trophy more than they do her Olympic medals. So cute. Here is more in detail….

Season 13 winner J.R. Martinez joked about his plans for his trophy in 2011. He told Us Weekly, “Right now I’m going to tuck mine into my bed and it’s going to roll around with me. And then after that, once we’ve kind of grown apart, I’m going to glue it on the hood of my car and drive around Los Angeles and honk my horn, and I’ll be my own parade!”

But J.R.’s is pro partner, Karina Smirnoff, had more traditional plans: “I’ll put my trophy in my studio in Woodland Hills,” she said. “I have a space with spotlights and I’m going to polish it every morning!”

Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson (her season 8 partner was Mark Ballas) told the Des Moines Register her trophy is home sweet home — at her parents’ place. “It’s at my parents’ house (in West Des Moines), actually,” she said. “It’s not on display, but my parents seem to show it off more than my (Olympic) medals.”

You can more about where the other winners of Dancing With The Stars have put their trophies at OMG Yahoo.