TV Columnist Asked If Chelsie Hightower Will Be Returning To Dancing With The Stars As A Regular Pro

Columnist Matt Webb Mitovich of TV Line was recently asked by a fan if he knew if pro Chelsie Hightower would be returning as a pro on Dancing With The Stars Season 17. Below you can read how he replied. Note how Matt really isn’t telling us anything new being many of the pros are under contract and anything can happen in leaving them on or off of the show (such as what happened with Chelsie, Anna, and Maks last season), but, it generates a little excitement reading over this and speculating never the less.

If anyone can find the answer to this question, I’m sure it is you, Matt: Is there any chance that we will see Chelsie Hightower return as a pro on Dancing With the Stars? –Lindsey

I perhaps have not watched an episode of DWTS since Kelly Monaco’s Season 1, but I’m game to take this one on. I am told that since Chelsie is still under contract with the ABC series (and last season popped up in some of the “pro dances”), there is at least the possibility she will be part of the Season 17 cast — though we won’t know for sure until late August.

What do you think and while we’re on the subject, what partner did you enjoy Chelsie dancing with the most?

I liked Chelsie dancing with Roshon Fegan the most!! Just as long as Sharna and Karina are dancing, I’ll be happy for whoever else is picked to dance including Chelsie. One more thing: I’d rather see Chelsie dance versus Cheryl ANY DAY.