For Now, No Plans For Dancing With The Stars LIVE In Las Vegas

According to the Las Vegas Weekly, there are no plans to reopen a Dancing With The Stars LIVE show in Las Vegas even after the Tropicana redesigned the stage for production requirements. Below is more in detail.

The beautifully redesigned Tropicana Theater will not serve as the home for the stage version of “Dancing With the Stars.” At one point the production was expected to set up for an extended residency beginning in August, but is instead moving its equipment out of the hotel. The chief reason for the room’s lavish redesign was to satisfy the production requirements of that show. No word, yet, as to the why of it all, or what is planned at the Trop in the absence of “DWTS,” which did brisk business last year in the old Folies showroom.

The “DWTS” live show is still being performed on Holland America cruise lines, with performances by former dance pros and contestants scheduled through the summer and again in January. And, at least one popular longtime Vegas entertainer has expressed interest in moving a show into the new Tropicana Theater, a showcase that would be a great fit for that room if it ever could come off.

This is sad. I hope they can find a way to make the show happen in the future as I always looked forward to seeing this show in Las Vegas one day?

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