New Summer 2013 PureDWTS Questionnaire: Answer to the best of your ability!

Ok Dancettes! Time for another PureDWTS Questionnaire!! Answer to the best of you best ability, try to follow the rules of each question, and ‘let it all hang out’ so to speak. πŸ˜€ Ready, go!! I’ll join you with my answers in comments!!

1. At this moment in time, my top 3 favorite pro dancers on Dancing With The Stars are __________________, ______________, and ________________ (only mention THREE!).

2. Who has been your all-time favorite celebrity to ever dance on Dancing With The Stars? Try to name only one, but, not more than three.

3. Sasha Farber or Henry Byalikov for pro next season?

4. From all the dancers, which three pros do you think are the best choreographers?

5. Who has been your favorite co-host between Samantha Harris or Brooke Burke-Charvet?

Bonus Question: If you were a pro, who would be your dream celebrity partner?