Dancing With The Stars Carrie Anne Inaba Co-Hosts LIVE With Kelly And Michael

Today Dancing With The Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba helped to co-host “LIVE With Kelly And Michael” since Kelly took some time off for a vacation. In the show opener, they talk of Carrie Ann’s rescue work for animals. Currently, Carrie Anne has 8 cats and several dogs that she’s fostering.

As for Dancing With The Stars, they didn’t mention much except to say that last season was “one of the best”. Michael loved Jacoby Jones. Carrie Ann asked Michael what moves he would do for a free style if he were to dance on Dancing With The Stars. Michael then starts doing some sexy body rolls (nice! 😀 He should do the show. He’d be good). Michael said if he ever did Dancing With The Stars, he’d be very competitive and he would want to win. Michael also asked the audience if they like seeing men strip down on Dancing With The Stars and the audience cheered and applauded.

They also discussed ugly dogs and how they are adorable and lovable. They also talked about basketball, hockey, and if men are sexy wearing make-up (what? No, I like them “rugged” like Carrie Ann and Michael commented).

They also talk of the Grand Canyon Tight Roper (wow, I can’t believe someone would attempt that?) and Kim and Kayne West’s new baby and the name they picked out for her which is “North West” (what do you think of this name? I may be in the minority, but, I kind of like the name. lol).

Stay tuned to this link. They should be uploading footage of this segment a little later.