DWTS Conrad Green Talks About The Emmy Nominations, Plans To Push Limits In New Season

Hey Guys! Be sure you check Pure Derek Hough when you get a chance. Miss Heidi has kept us informed on all things ‘Derek Hough’ this past week one of which includes a visit to a children’s hospital in Utah with his father Bruce.

Also, Heidi has posted an article via the Tolucan Times she found with Dancing With The Stars executive producer Conrad Green talking about Dancing With The Stars and the effort that goes into it all. He also mentions who should be nominated for an Emmy this year. He gives special props to Derek and the Macy’s Stars of Dance “Defying Gravity” dance (I couldn’t agree more with everything Conrad wrote! That dance was beyond brilliant!) and director Alex Rudzinski for his “extraordinary work” plus the technical categories in “Lighting Direction, Video Control, Camerawork, Costumes, Makeup, Music, etc.

Conrad also gives a hint of what’s in store for Dancing With The Stars Season 17. Below is a take where he mentions “pushing the limits”.

What’s in store for DWTS when it returns to ABC for Season 17 this fall? ABC has already announced that they will be combining the performance shows and results shows into one entertainment-packed night on Mondays, “which we will make compelling and push the limits of what we do,” Green promises. Until then he hopes there will be Emmy recognition for the outstanding reality-competition show that has been a vanguard of top level production values for live performance television.

All this and much more in this post at Pure Derek Hough.

Note: Emmy nominations take place July 18th!

Heidi: While I continually complain about the manipulation involved in the show (and occasionally pick on the muppet-like cameramen), I do have to give Conrad and the gang props for the ability to put on a very flashy live show every week for 10 weeks. When you think about some of the dances that have been done on the show, the choreographers can’t do it alone. They describe a concept, but the production staff has to pull it off. Derek is probably the only pro who goes in depth on camera angles, lighting and the music – but they clearly work with him. THEY are the ones who actually built Derek’s revolving room and he couldn’t have pulled that dance off with out them.  Not only does Derek deserve the choreography Emmy, but DWTS deserves one for set design and camera work on that one. Possibly direction too. Hard to say. But if DWTS and Derek don’t come out of this Emmy season with statues, there is no justice in TV land.