DWTS Karina Smirnoff And Maks Chmerkovskiy Interviewed And Teach Reporters How To Tango

We’re going to see some cool promo with Karina Smirnoff and Maks Chmerkovskiy in the next few days as they get ready to take to the stage Tuesday for Broadway’s “Forever Tango”. With that said, check out the New York Daily this morning. The two Dancing With the Stars pros taught some Tango moves to a few of their reporters. There are some cool pictures of them as well as a fun, 2 page write-up! Below is just a little take….

Despite all the hard work that goes into “Dancing With the Stars,” the numbers danced on the show only last around 90 seconds, max. In “Forever Tango,” Chmerkovskiy and Smirnoff will each have six-minute solo dances, along with two group dances lasting roughly the same length.

As our lesson began, we couldn’t help but notice how sweaty Chmerkovskiy and Smirnoff became after just a few minutes.

“I think the first two rows of the theater are going to be called the splash zone,” Chmerkovskiy jokes. “We’re going to provide complimentary towels.”

First, we learned what’s known as the basic eight-step tango, essentially creating a large square across the floor with forward cross steps and backward cross steps, coming together in position “cero,” with closed feet.

Pretty soon, however, these basic dance steps took a sensual turn. Smirnoff wrapped her leg around Justin’s torso to demonstrate a tango ending stance. While Justin struggled to conceal his delight, Chmerkovskiy drew Molly into a coordinated sliding lunge. He paused with her in mid-air to explain why the right pair of pants is so important to a tango master: “They might split.”

Lots more at the New York Daily. Nice!!