Cheryl Burke Talks of Dancing With The Stars And Impress Nails

Cheryl Burke was a guest on Good Day New York today! She talked of when she started to dance and how her career all began. She also discussed Dancing With The Stars and how it’s the best show in the world. They ask about some of her partners in the past. She highlights the intimacy involved and some other fun things. Cheryl also mentions how she and the rest of the pros have no idea if they’ll be back for next season of Dancing With The Stars, but, the show itself “is” returning. More in detail below including some promo for Impress Nails.

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UPDATE: Below is Cheryl on the Wendy Williams Show promoting Impress Nails. She also chats on Dancing With The Stars and who she’d like to dance with next season. She also addresses the changes for the show next season, the possibility of new judges, the Paula Deen rumors, and more.