Glee Star Chris Colfer Rumored To Dance On Dancing With The Stars Season 17

Glee star Chris Colfer for Dancing With The Stars Season 17? Not sure how strong this rumor might be, but, Celeb Dirty Laundry is including him in their list of new rumors for the new season along with Paula Deen, Jon Gosselin, and Tony Kanaan (who we’ve already reported about). Here is a take from their story….

Chris Colfer: The multitalented Glee star would make a fine addition to the show and would be a great move on DWTS’s part to help their efforts in drawing a younger crowd to the show. Supposedly, the show will be trying to imbue the contestant lineup with younger celebs.

If true, bring him on. I’ve always liked this actor. He does a great job on Glee. Though I can’t imagine what he and the cast of Glee must be going through losing fellow cast member Cory Monteith. What a sad tragedy that is.

Heidi: No, no and no again. We see this every season on DTWS. Some site makes up some rumor or someone whispers in their ear that so and so is going to be on the show. Yet, that someone is currently cast as a regular or recurring character on a primetime show on another network. Someone currently staring on another primetime show has NEVER been on DWTS…not only that, but even if you are on a *daytime* show on another network, you don’t get to be on.  The only TV people who make it on are ABC stars, Disney stars or some cable channel stars – or people from other networks who haven’t worked for that network for a long, long time. It just doesn’t happen and I don’t see it happening now.  Besides, Glee’s ratings are farther in the crapper than DWTS, so I don’t think they would look there for help.

Heidi again: They also word this as if it is their own wishlist and not rumor. “would be a great move” sounds like a guess to me.