Anna Trebunskaya, Tristan MacManus Talk About Ballroom With A Twist, DWTS In New Interviews

I’m kicking myself for not seeing “Ballroom With A Twist” this summer in Denver. It sounds like the run has been a success this summer. Anna Trebunskaya and Tristan MacManus were recently talked of why it’s a good show to see. In doing so, they also talking of dancing in it and how it compares to dancing on Dancing With The Stars, etc. I love what Tristan says for what draws us to dancing shows and he ‘hit it on the nail’ in my opinion. Here is a take from Cape Cod Online.

“It’s a good mix of some of the best entertainment on TV,” Trebunskaya, a native of Russia, says of the show.

Trebunskaya has been partnered with celebrities in 10 seasons of “DWTS.” She’s shuffled with stars such as Sugar Ray Leonard, Drew Lachey and Jerry Rice. Twice she’s earned the runner-up crown, in Season 2 with football great Rice and again in Season 10 with figure skater Evan Lysacek.

Trebunskaya says she’s constantly surprised by and learning from the talent brought to the table by her counterparts representing other network shows.

One of Trebunskaya’s favorite things about being in the show is how she can see the audience’s faces as they leave, she says.

“Their faces have so much happiness written all over them,” she says. “It feels really good. It’s a feel-good show.”

MacManus also says he thrives off the immediate reaction he’s able to get from a live theater audience rather than one watching through the veil of a digital screen. For him, it’s instant satisfaction.

While aficionados of these dancing programs may be glued to the couch while watching at home, Trebunskaya says that won’t be the case for those attending “Ballroom With a Twist.”

Trebunskaya says the show will include audience participation: “You won’t be in your seat the whole time.”

MacManus offered a simple explanation for why large audiences, whether dance fans or not, are so drawn to shows like “DWTS” and “So You Think You Can Dance”:

It’s the music. Music is something everyone has in common, he says.

He describes dancing — even simply moving one’s body — as interpreting and reacting to music.

“That’s why people just love interpretations and they love stories. They love reactions — like seeing someone laugh, then someone makes you laugh. … It’s the same way with dancing.”

The Metro West Daily News also interviewed Anna. Here is a take for what she says about her past partners on Dancing With The Stars.

“The thing is that I have no say in my partners – they can be actors and singers, like Steve Guttenberg and Jack Wagner, or pro athletes like Sugar Ray Leonard and Kurt Warner. I prefer to be paired with the athletes, but I have had amazing times with some of the others, too. I learned so much about concentration and being in the zone from Jerry. He taught me so much that I will always carry with me,” says the 32-year-old. “It was also wonderful to be partnered with Evan. His talent as a figure skater made him a natural on the dance floor. If I had to pick my favorite partner, so far anyway, it would have to be Carson. I had the most fun with him. We never stopped laughing.”

More at Cape Cod Online and Metro West Daily News. Let’s hope we see Tristan and Anna back for the new season of Dancing With The Stars.

Also, be sure you check out Ballroom With A Twist’s Official Facebook for some pictures of them and the cast.