Maks Chmerkovskiy Talks Of Re-Inventing Himself, Moving On From Dancing With The Stars, And More

Do you think pro Maks Chmerkovskiy misses Dancing With The Stars? Wow, I’m shocked (but, I guess I shouldn’t be)at his answer…which is a “no”. 🙁 In a new interview with the NY Press, he tells them why. Maks also tells them if he was guaranteed a winner and a trophy, he’s not sure he would do it. More in detail below….

Do you miss Dancing with the Stars?

Why not?
Because I think I’ve done it long enough. I think there’s nothing there for me to prove. I’m at the point where I need to set up my future. And if I don’t do it now by cutting the cord and trying to reinvent myself, I may never be able to after this comes to an end, which at one point it will. Or I’ll get old and won’t be able to dance. And at that time I want to be able to fall back on something that I’ve built. I want an extended career in this industry just because I can, unless someone tells me that I can’t. That’s why we’re trying my hand in acting. I’m curious to see how that’s going to work. It’s fascinating to study and learn a new skill.

I saw you on All My Children.
I hope you didn’t. But the point is that I’m not missing Dancing with the Stars because I think it’s unnatural for me to miss it. I’ve been there for 13 seasons. It’s been eight years. How long can I do this thing and miss it? If I did it once and never again, I’d miss it.

So will you go back to DWTS one day?
If they guarantee me a winner and the trophy’s mine, I’m going to look at it and go, “I don’t know if I have it in me to stay with somebody for three months and be into it the way I’m supposed to be.” And I don’t want to be unfair and jeopardize someone else’s chances.

Your brother Val also dances on the show. What’s it like being an older brother?
It’s a lot of responsibility, but I went from him being my student first. He was my best pupil. And it’s not like I have to say it. He was never a teacher’s pet. He was in his family-owned studio and never jumped out and was always part of the class. The problem was coming home; I just wanted a brother, and he was staying a pupil. So we had a bit of a transitional period maybe four or five years ago, and since then, we’re just best friends.

To read the full interview which includes questions on Forever tango and Karina Smirnoff, visit the NY Press. Thanks to @DWTSgossip for the find.

My thoughts: Sad. I kind of thought (and hoped too) we’d see Maks back for Dancing With The Stars Season 17, but, now I have to wonder? Also, I’m not sure I want him back now if he doesn’t miss it or have the heart. Maybe he’s destined for other things.

Let’s see what Heidi thinks….

Heidi: I think that if that’s how he feels, he better not be on the show. If he’s on the show now, he’s just admitted that he doesn’t have it in him. And good for him if he’s tired of doing it and wants to do something else – the alternative is being like Cheryl. Or possibly Mark. Both seem like they’ve moved on in their hearts but don’t want to quit.  But part of me is afraid this is a negotiating tactic on Maks’ part.  I hope not. But in any case, good luck to him.