The Wannabes And Dreamers Of Dancing With The Stars Season 17

Up until this week, what a semi-lacking rumor season it’s been this off season for Dancing With The Stars Season 17! Court was just remarking to Heidi and I last week how unusually quiet it’s been and it’s so true. Even the twitter campaigning for celebrities has been more quiet than the norm. Maybe with the shake ups for the new season, this means a shake up for the rumor season too? Instead for this off season, it seems more fans are campaigning more for their favorite pros (who didn’t dance last season) to return instead….Maks Chmerkovskiy, Chelsie Hightower, and Anna Trebunskaya especially! We’ve also seen an occasion plea for a return of Louis Val Amstel and Dmitry Chaplin.

Also, we usually see a few stars out there campaigning to dance on Dancing With The Stars, but so far, this is pretty nil as well. Though it’s still early too and anything can happen, but, here is what we HAVE noticed for the few fans and stars who are campaigning or who are supporting the campaigning from fans! I also want to ask for my co-horts in crimes thoughts on everything on this topic for what they think!! So look for Courtney’s and Heidi’s input to this post as well. Let us know what you think too and who you’ve seen campaigns for!

First up, Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan. As you might remember, Mallory remarked several times last season and after she won Miss America she very much would like to dance on Dancing With The Stars. Just take a look at her twitter page to see her retweeting all the fans who are out there campaigning for her. Here are just a few of many here and here. I’m taking this as a sign she still very much would like to dance on Dancing With The Stars. Note too that soon Mallory will be free of her Miss America duties come September 15th after the new Miss America is chosen. Hmmm, can you tell I’m hoping for this one? 🙂 As for the rest, well….

We’ve also noticed some campaigning for teen mom Maci Bookout since she competed in a Dancing With The Stars charity event this summer. Maci has also been rumored to dance in Dancing With The Stars Season 13.

Thirdy, Deena Cortese!! We want to mention Deena since The Blaze is reporting that Geraldo Rivera was referencing her in his tweet that he declined an offer from Dancing With The Stars. As you might remember, Deena was campaigning hard to dance last season and a few of her fans are still campaigning and hoping she’ll dance this season.

And we can’t forget about this one… Beth Chapman!! Every day and with every season, it seems someone is always campaigning for her. In the past she’s been very vocal about wanting to do Dancing With The Stars, but, if you take a look at her twitter currently, she’s not been so vocal this off season. Note how she was turned down by the show in season 14 since they already had their cast selected at the time.

Lastly, Olympian swimmer Ryan Lotche! Lots of his fans haven’t given up campaigning for him to dance on Dancing With The Stars. Dancing With The Stars even asked him to dance last season, but, E Online reported in April that he turned them down since he wanted his own reality show which he got. Note how he recently won two gold medals at Worlds. It sounds like he is a very busy guy, but, could he fit in Dancing With The Stars this season if asked again?

Courtney: Sorry, but I’m a big fat “no” for all of the above – Mallory won’t stop talking about it, I find most of the Teen Mom stars to be highly immature, Deena’s a has-been since Jersey Shore wrapped, I don’t think Beth is notable enough, and I’m pretty sure Lochte’s got the IQ of a carrot.

Heidi: A really STOOPID carrot. In fact, comparing him to a carrot is a disservice to carrots. 😀  Gotta agree with Court. Deena is over, Beth is nowhere, and Maci who?? As for Miss America?? Nah, her reign isn’t over soon enough and that pageant is a non-event in this country in any case. Would they go that route now, with their ratings situation?? I don’t think so.