Sharna Burgess Interviewed About Her Summer, New Season Of Dancing With The Stars, And More


Hey All! Celebrity reporter Stuart Brazell (love her!!) held a Spreecast with Dancing With The Stars Sharna Burgess last night. She and fans asked her all about her summer. She’s been one busy girl as you know from all of our previous postings and interviews.

Sharna reveals five things you didn’t know about her including that she is naturally a blond. She was also once a punk chic in her teens. She talks a little on her competition days too and how at one time, she was just a “Country Girl”.

Sharna was also asked on her favorite style of dance. She loves the Viennese Waltz and the Paso Doble, but, across the board, the Contemporary dance is her ultimate favorite for it’s freedom of movement.

Sharna was also asked about Dancing With The Stars and her favorite moments with Andy Dick last season. She talks of costume designing for the show and how much she loves it (you can tell! She’s so good at this!). She loves taking something from the current runaways.

Her biggest challenge doing Dancing With The Stars though is getting enough sleep and enough to eat while keeping up…just remembering to try and find balance. Even though Sharna doesn’t confirm whether she’s on Dancing With The Stars this season, Sharna is very excited about it….especially having an extra day to practice with a celebrity. She’s also very much looking forward to all the new songs she would like to perform too and finding music that is not so mainstream.

Great interview!! You can listen to it in full at this link. Picture above courtesy of Zimbio Pictures. So pretty and see more at the link! I love her as a Brunette!!