DWTS 17 Rumors: Farrah Abraham, Patricia Krentcil, Bella Thorne, Seth MacFarlane, WWE Superstar to Dance?

Hollywood Life is kicking around a few more names for the rumor mill for Dancing With The Stars Season 17. Some of them, we’ve reported already: John Stamos, Paula Deen, and Jason Varitek. However, take a look at the other new names to add: Farrah Abraham (who?), Patricia Krentcil (who?), Bella Thorne (again who?), a WWE superstar(who could this be? In the past we’ve seen Shelley Martinez, Maria Kanellis, and the Real Melina rumored or campaigning to dance …not that this means anything?) and Seth MacFarlane(ok, so this might be a good one!).

So far, they are awaiting confirmations from John Stamos, former baseball player Jason Varitek, Paula Deen, Backdoor Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil, a WWE Superstar, Bella Thorne and Seth MacFarlane! They are hoping for confirmations soon, but it’s coming down to the last minute. None of these people are definites, but they have been asked and it’s in their hands,” a source close to production tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively.

Seeing Uncle Jesse shake his hips on the dance floor, sans shirt, would certainly help us feel a little bit better about Sean’s absence from the dancing competition series. And we have a feeling that Farrah knows a thing or two about doing the tango on camera.

You can read the full article at Hollywood Life. Note that this site isn’t reputable of being correct on their rumors, but, it can go either way. Remember this post from last season? As Heidi likes to say, “you be the judge”.