Dancing With The Stars Derek Hough So Busy, “Family Dance Off” Coverage And More

DerekHoughMaria Menounos

So much is happening in the world of Dancing With The Stars Derek Hough!! If you haven’t see all the updates at Pure Derek Hough, be sure you do. Last night, was the premiere of “Family Dance Off” and Derek’s first night of hosting it. Last week, there were new Extra and Access Hollywood interviews gearing up for it as well as new promos and commercials. Now there is a link to see the episode in full and fans weigh in on the night. Derek also spoke about his Emmy nominations and choreographing a new dance number for it. There was also news on his new movie “Make Your Move 3D”!! All this and more at Pure Derek Hough. Don’t miss it!! And Heidi, if you read this, we miss you loads! Safe travels and see you soon!!

Pic above of Derek and Maria Menounos at The Grove for Extra courtesy of Zimbio Pictures. To see more, go here.