Big Campaign For Towanda Braxton To Dance On Dancing With The Stars

News is slow this morning, so, we thought we’d let you know of another celebrity who very much wants to dance on Dancing With The Stars. Check out Towanda Braxton’s twitter page when you get a moment. It’s filled with her and RTs from her fans trying to get her on Dancing With The Stars. Her sister Toni is also campaigning for her at her twitter page. Though I’m not sure if Towanda is free enough this season since the Braxton’s have their own reality show on the WE channel and they might be filming new episodes? Note that Towanda has also been making appearances on Tony’s tour and their last night to tour is Aug. 31st. Anyway, keep a watch out for Towanda Jackson and if not this season, maybe the next? Towanda has some moves too! What do you think?