DWTS17 Why Some Of The Rumored Contestants Might Be Dancing, Predictions, And More

Hey All! Hollywood Life has an article up surrounding the new rumors of who is dancing this season. It mentions who they think is dancing and some of the “reasons” why. Here is quote from one of their “inside” sources.

Amber Riley is doing the show to lose weight, dedicate her season to Cory Monteith and start fresh now that she’s no longer on Glee. This was the next logical move in her eyes. Christina Milian is no longer on The Voice and she’s looking to release more music in the near future, so she wants this to be the stepping stone. Elizabeth is a tremendous dancer and might be the first Saved By The Bell alum to win the show. And if she is paired with Derek [Hough] or Mark [Ballas], [her winning] could be automatic.

More at Hollywood Life including possible pairings and even a prediction by producers of Christina and Elizabeth being in the finals.

I never know what to believe when it comes to “inside sources”, but, it’s fun to speculate none the less. I also have a hard time believing that producers have already predicted who will be in the finals. Oh well.