Dancing With The Stars Cheryl Burke And Karina Smirnoff Help To Launch ‘POM Juice Blends’

Dancing With The Stars pros Cheryl Burke and Karina Smirnoff helped to celebrate and launch ‘POM Juice Blends’ at the Encore Beach Club at The Wynn in Las Vegas, Nevada yesterday. According to Herald Online, “The dancers led the record-breaking stunt as revelers kept a beach ball in the air for 125 consecutive passes without letting the ball touch the ground.” Awesome awesome! And they both looked incredible too!! Check out a slew of pictures at Getty Images.

What do you think about Cheryl’s new haircut. I like it! But wow, Karina!!

ADDING: Here’s some video coverage. Cheryl and Karina both talk of Dancing With The Stars a little and tease us about it at the end. Cheryl says it’s the best cast. Karina says she got her “dream partner” this season, hmmm?? Thanks to @isabelladelrinh and @dwtsgossip for the find!