Indy Champ Tony Kanaan Hasn’t Received A Call From DWTS, But, Still Might?

Awww, this will make Court sad. According to USA Today, Indy champ Tony Kanaan still hasn’t received a call to dance on Dancing With The Stars Season 17, and yet, it’s still possible he could get a call. Below is more….

“I might be getting a call, but I won’t know until right before they announce it,” Kanaan told USA TODAY Sports on Friday during a break in preparation for Sunday’s Grand Prix of Baltimore. “It’s so confidential. They want to keep the announcement a secret. They don’t like leaks, so I really don’t know.”

Kanaan said he won’t be disappointed if he doesn’t make the cut.

“To be honest, I won’t be unhappy if it doesn’t happen,” Kanaan said. “With all the things we have going on, I cannot afford to take off for however many weeks it would take. If they call me, I’ll do it, but right now it’s a busy time of my life.”

Sad, as I hoping he would dance too. Then again, maybe he might? All eyes on Wednesday, All, and be sure to read the full article at USA Today.