PureDWTS17 Valerie Harper Talks Of Why She Decided To Dance, Her Biggest Fears, and More

Valerie harper talks of whey she decided to dance on Dancing With The Stars with People.con. I love love this part:

When they asked, I thought, ‘Why would I say no?’ ” says Harper. “When life asks you to dance, you just have to dance.”

I cna’t think of a better reason and under any circumstances. And here is more about her biggest fears and it’s not of getting sick. This woman is a shining star…

Her biggest fear, she insists, is messing up. “I’d been asked to do this before, but I always said no because I started dancing on Broadway at 17,” she says. “It helped pay for my acting lessons. And I didn’t want to appear on the show and fumble because of my diagnosis.”

But ever since June, her doctors have been “ecstatic” with the results of her brain scans, which have begun showing increasingly “less evidence of cancer.” Buoyed by the diagnosis and physically feeling better than she has in months, Harper hopes it “might prove inspiring to people to see a 74-year-old woman with terminal cancer dancing.”

Harper is so serious about her performance on the show that, with her doctors’ blessings, she’s rearranging her treatment schedule for the powerful medication she’s been taking to combat her cancer.

“After she takes it, she doesn’t feel good for about a day and a half,” says husband Tony Cacciotti. “So right after the show on Monday nights, she’ll take it and then take a break from practices until Wednesday afternoons.”

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