Val Chmerkovskiy Writes On Dancing With The Stars And His New Partner Elizabeth Berkley

I always love when the pros and celebs blog about their time on Dancing With The Stars, do you? First up is Val Chmerkovskiy! Val writes all about his new partner Elizabeth Berkley and how she’s always wanted to do Dancing With The Stars. Dancing has always been a passion but, she hasn’t danced in over 20 years. Also, did you know she asked for Val? Well, she got him! Below is more. You can the full blog at Today which includes his thoughts on the new format for the show too.

Elizabeth’s a huge fan of “Dancing With the Stars.” She’s been watching it for some time but was always too afraid to commit to doing it. She had a baby last year. … This is a big step for her because dance is her main passion, but she hasn’t done that in over 20 plus years. There’s a reason for that, which I’m not going to get into. Let’s just say that dancing is something that touches a very emotional and on a very personal level for her.

It’s awesome for me to be there and be the person who opens it up for her again, and kind of welcome her into this world in a different light. She’s like a kid in a candy store! The most important thing is that she’s here for the right reason. She’s living the dream. She loves being here, and that for me, makes me love showing up to work every day and doing whatever I can to make sure this experience for her will be one she’ll never forget.

She danced a long time ago. You know, whatever. She has some movement in her. But I told her: The problem with me is that it’s never enough. The better you are, the more I’m going to correct her. I’m not going to think about our competition.