Media Hits New Lows Writing About Valerie Harper Dancing On Dancing With The Stars

Wow, just when you didn’t think the criticism could get any worse or hit more lows for Valerie Harper dancing With Tristan MacManus on Dancing With The Stars this season, it does! 😡 Irish Central has written an article entitled “ABC hits new low with ‘cancer dancer’ Valerie Harper in Dancing with the Stars’’. Below is take….

How pathetic can the ABC networks get showcasing a woman with terminal brain cancer in “Dancing With the Stars”?

Worse, Irish dancer Tristan MacManus, a great performer, will be the partner of Valerie Harper on season 17 of the competition.

He should refuse to play his part in this charade.

MacManus has become a fan favorite during his time on ABC’s hit show but this year, he’s destined to become part of a circus animal show.

For cheap ratings ABC will pump up the story of the dying Harper and flog it for all it is worth. Look out for the “cancer dancer” headlines.

And Tristan was none to happy about it. Below is a take from with Tristan’s reply….

“Hey Patrick, read the article- great job, loved it! You are dead right by the way, it is pathetic. I can’t believe Valerie was asked to participate in this season of DWTS – there is no place for her – she should do what most other cancer victims do, just give up and go home! Sure what is the point right??! I just wish all the other sickies would do the same sit at home and wait to die or jump on a boat and go somewhere else………………….hold on a second……..

‘Cancer Dancer’!!! Can’t believe it – great, great pitch – it’s just funny that you used it before DWTS did. I feel like your article was written without putting in any sort of effort or research beforehand- it sounds like you didn’t listen to one word Valerie said in any interview or what ‘HER’ reasons are for doing the show. I asked her many times why she is doing the show- and would you do it if you didn’t have cancer? Would you be asked if you didn’t have cancer? All valid questions I think – her answer was she had been asked many times before but said no for her own reasons- maybe she was too fat, maybe her ego wouldn’t let her forget that once she was a good dancer now probably not so much – when somebody has a very high opinion of you or see you as a ‘STAR’ why jeopardize that by not being good at something now at this stage – we are hardly kick starting a career here?! She didn’t even want to do the show at first but she was convinced by her husband – a great man who reminded her that people NEED this – not so much to see someone ill on DWTS but someone who has the profile to be relevant and show that you don’t go to the funeral until you are dead! Her positive attitude and, granted, medication have prolonged her expectancy and shown signs of improvement and for me if any sort of positive encouragement and evidence can extend your life by a minute and a half a day a week a month a year well then we need someone to stand up and shout that this can help! And if it doesn’t what have you lost? We are all terminal we just don’t have a date yet! Valerie has a message and it’s not just for sick people, it’s for everybody. You only get one life so live it if you don’t like it change and if you do like it, always strive to make it better.

You can read more of Tristan’s message to Irish Central at RIGHT ON TRISTAN! YOU TELL THEM!!! Seriously, sometimes I want to separate myself from the human race for how some people slander others. Also, I wonder how this journalist would feel if one of their friends or family members had cancer and wanted to dance? If so, would he take on such a hateful and sensationalized attitude then? And please, “cancer dancer” uggh so disgusting. 😡

Val and Tristan, if you read this! Ignore and keep being the magical and beautiful people you are and just go for it. You are a true blessing and you have an important message to send to the world.

Penny for your thoughts and thanks to Cids for the heads up on this news!

Heidi: “Look out for Cancer Dancer headlines”??? Pretty much telling us to watch out for you, right Irish Central?? NO ONE has used that headline (and DWTS never would) except for you. You are writing about it, you are capitalizing on it, YOU are everything you complain about. Congratulations. Well done. Actually, you’re even worse – you’re basically telling people they should just go home and die. You have hit the low you were so concerned about – thanks for paving the way.