Bill Nye ‘Differentiating Between Strategy And Tactic’ On Dancing With The Stars (New Interview)

Entertainment Weekly has posted a new interview with Science Guy, Bill Nye!! Bill Nye. He discusses Dancing With The Stars from his pigeon-toed feet to the competition, his strategy and tactics, and lots more. He’s funny. Check this out and be sure to go to the link to read the full interview.

Have you been scoping out the competition?

I’m not surprised at the people who showed up and I have the same fears I predicted I would have as a competitor. There’s a professional athlete, Keyshawn Johnson. There’s young, hot biceps actor guy, Brant [Daugherty]. There’s charming international star – she really is – Snooki. I mean you just wanna see what she’s gonna do, right? And Elizabeth [Berkley], she’s just sweet and she’s clearly graceful, walking in the hallway, you can tell she’s just got it.

So with all that competition, what is your strategy going into each week?

Well, strategy. The strategy will be – my understanding of this – the judges and the audience want to see growth. Well, [laughs] we’re gonna start with a pretty low bar. [Laughs]

You know, Bill, I don’t know if I believe that.

Well, I’m pigeon-toed, I’m on the wrong foot, and I’m slouched – I mean when you look in the mirror, I suck. I suck. But, with that said, at least I’m aware of it. So I’m differentiating between strategy and tactic. So the tactic is to learn the lines as we say in the theatre [in a British accent]. I’m just gonna learn these steps and then work on all this other important stuff. Tyne said to me the other day, she said, ‘You know, we’re gonna get judged really hard because of all this hype about Bill’s swing-dancing – to your point about ‘Bill, I think you’re kidding.’

If we get judged harshly then we’ll just have that much to build on. But I’m telling ya, if it were, ‘Hey we’re gonna come out cold and as a test do the Lindy Hop!’ then I’d say, ‘Okay, cool, bring it on!’ But if we’re gonna do international style of cha-cha, I’m the worst case. …I’m a little bit more than a little anxious about it, I’ll tell ya.