DWTS Tom Bergeron Excited To Hit The “Glitter Dome” on Monday (New Interviews)

Thanks to PureDWTS reader Kaitlyn for sending us the new interview. Below is a Dancing With The Stars host Tom Bergeron with Kiss108FM! They chat mainly about Valerie Harper and how remarkable she is to take on dancing. Tom is excited on the whole cast and looks forward to hitting the “glitter dome” on Monday! Lots more below….

ETA1: Also, CMT talked with Tom about who he thinks will win this season. Here is a take and thanks to fan Abby for sending.

This season probably won’t be much different. I mean, who’s to say that just because a country singer won this year means that a country comedian will win this year? What are the odds of that? I hope for Bill Engvall’s sake, pretty good. Engvall, who voices a character on CMT’s Bounty Hunters, will hopefully inject some humor into the show. And maybe a little man tan.

Bergeron joked that he’d heard a rumor that Engvall had already tried to sneak off with some spray tanner.

“Sometimes we have the best intentions beginning a season, and the cast goes a little crazy,” he said of the increasingly revealing outfits the dance teams wear. “They succumb to the glitter dome, and they start parading around in skimpy clothes. And, frankly, Bill seems like he could go in that direction.”

LOL! A hoot as always!!