Bill Maher Interviews Bill Nye on Real Time

This is not a great video – looked everywhere on line for a video from the show or a better version.  I’ll keep checking the Real Time youtube channel.

I happened to be watching last night and was surprised to see Bill on Bill ( 🙂 ) – and Bill introduced him as being on Dancing with the Stars. One thing  noticed quite a while ago is that Deena Katz is a producer for Real Time – Deena is the casting director for DWTS.  Or is she a producer? I have a hard time keeping track. Interesting juxtaposition. Wonder if she’s his manager too. You know how these things happen. 😉 In any case, I was really surprised to see Bill on Bill and to listen to his support for science. Why this surprises me I have no idea. As a scientist he certainly should be making the arguments he does. When he says “the earth is going to be here” – this is exactly the argument I’ve made to my climate change-denier friends. 🙂 It’s kismet.

That said – this dude is HILARIOUS. I think he might be underestimated. Isn’t he also the one who’s the swing dancer?? Combine his personality, with swing dancing, with a Deena connection, with the clear love the audience has for him (and I’m seeing a lot of that everywhere) – and he might go a lot farther than people think. 🙂