Dancing With The Stars Season 17 – Las Vegas Odds Before The Premiere

Awww, our first Las Vegas Odds post for Dancing With The Stars Season 17! Even without seeing our new couples dance yet on Dancing With The Stars, the odds makers have their bets in at Sports Bovada. Note how their top four include Corbin Blue, Christina Milian, and Amber Riley and Elizabeth Berkely. They have Bill Engvall, Bill Nye, and Valerie Harper tied for last place.

Corbin Bleu 5/2
Christina Milan 13/4
Amber Riley 11/2
Elizabeth Berkley 11/2
Leah Rimini 7/1
Snooki 8/1
Brant Daugherty 10/1
Keyshawn Johnson 10/1
Jack Osbourne 25/1
Bill Engvall 50/1
Bill Nye 50/1
Valerie Harper 50/1

My thoughts: The top four is looking reasonable to me with an exception to Keyshawn Johnson. I think he should be placed higher. I think Valerie Harper will do much better too. They should have her listed in the middle of the pack somewhere. I also think Brant Daugherty should be placed a little higher as well. It’s so hard to tell though without seeing them dance first! Thank goodness, it won’t be long until dance time. 🙂

Let’s see what Heidi and Courtney think and you let us know in comments what you think too…..

Courtney: I think Bill should be higher – I’m seeing a lot more buzz about him than I initially thought I would, and he’s got some dance background…so he may have some staying power.  I would drop Leah and Brant down a bit – I just think Brant is less well-known and Leah seems to rub some people the wrong way, so they may struggle with votes.  I would probably drop Jack down a bit, too – I’m not sure he’s going to hold the same “redemption” appeal that his sister did.  As for the top – I think they have it ABOUT right, but I think Amber might have more of an edge than Christina – she’s more current, and she has Derek, who consistently brings out the best in his partners.

Heidi: I think the top four is right on target, not having seen any of them dance. Have to disagree with Vogue about Keyshawn, though – someone has to be on the bottom and I’m not sure this guy is into it. I guess we’ll see. I do think Valerie should be higher, toward the middle of the pack. I think Leah needs to come down and Bill Nye needs to go up some. I think he’s going to be underestimated in a big way. Jack Osborne?? No idea – I don’t think that kind of lightning hits one family twice, frankly. And part of that has to do with who your competition is, of course. We’ll have to wait and see how they all stack up against each other, but only one Kardashian could rise toward the top and I think only one Osborne will as well. And Kelly already has. I’d leave Snooki where she is, put Bill E at the bottom by himself, and move Brant down a bit as well. Being hot is no guarantee – just ask Aiden Turner. Or Ashley Hamilton. Or Mike Catherwood. Or Jack Wagner. 😀