Private Members Area – DWTS Season 17 Coverage

Dancing with The Stars Season 17 is almost upon us. Obviously, we’ll be providing the same great coverage of DWTS that we’ve done since season 5. However, we’re always looking at new ways to cover Dancing with the Stars.

As a member of the Pure DWTS Private Members Area, we’d love to hear your thoughts on things we should cover more, things we should cover less, or ideas you might have for future posts. For example, in the previous Private Members post we had a suggestion for Top 10 Hottest Stars. I liked that idea a lot and no doubt we’ll publish it sometime this season.

I can’t promise we’ll be able to do everything that’s requested, but we definitely love to hear feedback and ideas that we can incorporate into the site. Of course, we always welcome your participation and support as well. Particularly if we’re talking about top lists. It’s great to have more people’s feedback.

So let’s hear it. If you’re afraid of having your name attached to the feedback posted in public, you’re welcome to submit it on our contact us page as well. I get all of those messages personally and will evaluate everything that’s sent.

Thanks again for supporting Pure DWTS.