Christina Milian In Love And Preparing For Her First Dance On Dancing With The Stars (Video)

Even though she hasn’t danced yet on the show, Christina Milian tells People, she’s just glad she’s come this far. She’s just trying to “stay in the zone” as she gets ready for her first performance on Dancing With The Stars. Christina also chats about how she’s in love and what she might do with her new dance education. You can watch a cute video at the link. Below is also a quote….

“This is great preparation for a wedding dance, a prom dance, a performance dance, anything you could think of,” Milian says.

Milian adds that trying something new is rewarding.

“I’m really proud of myself for doing this. And getting, you know, even this far. We haven’t even had the first show, but I’m trying to just stay in my zone and get ready for that first performance.”