Executive Producer Conrad Green Talks On The Changes For Dancing With The Stars Season 17

TV Guide has a new article up with Conrad Green, the Executive Producer for Dancing With The Stars, talking about this season’s changes. He tells fans not to fret. The show will be slightly different, but, it will still be the same show everyone loves. He also talks of the elimination, set changes, and more. Below are some highlights which all sound good in my opinion. What do you think?

But longtime fans shouldn’t fret, in spite of all the modifications. “There will be changes. It will feel slightly different as a show to watch, but it will feel absolutely packed with incident and excitement,” Green says. “Essentially, at core, it’s going to be the show everyone knows and loves.”

Each episode will open with a “massive dance number” and end with a pair being eliminated, with the exception of the premiere. “It’ll probably make it a lot more nerve-wracking for people’s performances,” Green admits of the same-night elimination strategy. “But I think the benefit of that is, for an audience, the story keeps on moving.” Another benefit? An extra day of rest “will probably make a huge difference in terms of people’s sanity and hopefully will make the quality of dancing better,” according to Green.

Other revisions include a new set design. Gone is the skybox; instead, the celebrity and dancer seating area will be situated on the floor near the judges’ table โ€” which will also be shifted to the opposite side of the ballroom. The show is also adding a makeup room and a rehearsal room, where co-host Brooke Burke-Charvet will chat with the contestants before and after their performances, while Tom Bergeron will run the show from the main stage. “Brooke will be moving a lot more around different parts of the studio, to get sort of a bit more of what’s going on behind the scenes on the show,” Green explains. “So, we’re hoping the show will be more fluid and a bit less sort of predictable.”

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