PureDWTS Exclusive: Sharna Burgess Talks Of Keyshawn Johnson, Their Rehearsals, Costume Hints, And More

Hey All! We have a new PureDWTS exclusive interview with Dancing With The Stars pro Sharna Burgess to share…and just in time before the premiere!!! She tells us about her summer. She also talks about what it was like meeting Keyshawn Johnson and what their rehearsals have been like so far. Sharna also highlights his strengths and weaknesses. For an extra bonus, Sharna also gives us a wee hint about their costumes for tomorrow night (Say wha…. Sharna? lol). Too fun, lots more below….. and Sharna thank you thank so much!!!! Go get em tomorrow night!!xxx

Hey Sharna!! How are you? How was your summer and how does it feel to be back to work on Dancing With The Stars?

My summer was wonderful, it just went by so damn fast!!! I feel like we just finished last season! I was working a lot and then relaxing a lot too. My mum came over from Australia and stayed for 5 weeks. It was so amazing, that’s the most time I’ve spent with my mum in 10 years, I’ve been away so long I usually only get 10 days over Xmas.

It feels so good to be back, and I am just so excited about this season. We are going to see some incredible dancing! We literally have people that have danced for a living in our cast, Corbin, Elizabeth, and Christina, I’m totally expecting something special from these guys. And I have a feeling Derek will make some magic with Amber, that girls personality is just heaven, so much fun and so much sass.. And we know I love sass on the dance floor 😉

It’s the new format too so I’m waiting to see how it all feels just like you guys are. I will say that I’m pumped for it though, I think it’s going to be great.

What was it like meeting Keyshawn for the first time?? Did you have fun in New York City with the Cast Announcement and what was the whole experience like?

It’s was amazing meeting Keyshawn, I was super excited to have an athlete and his such a cool guy on top of it all. I have a lot of love for that man. His really thrown himself into this process 150%, and if there’s anything I keep hearing about him it’s that his driven and dedicated.

We had to rehearse in Maui for the first week, and of course that was just beautiful. I had never been to Hawaii before and I absolutely fell in love with it. I seriously want to retire there one day!

GMA was fun!! Finally getting us all in the same room was nice. There was lots of catching up and lots of introductions going on, and truly everyone on the cast is so lovely! I feel like this season is going to be fun again 🙂

How are rehearsals going for your first dance so far? Can you weigh on Keyshawn’s strengths and weaknesses?

His doing great!! Our cha cha is on fire, and his really got the moves down. We have this totally awesome trick that I’m hoping wow’s our audience 🙂

As far as his strengths and weaknesses go, he learns incredibly fast, his extremely visual, and has such amazing work ethic. We do it till is right, and I love that because I’m the same way.

His weakness will be speed through his movement.. Not his feet!!! But things like turning with me in frame, there is so much of him to move (His 6ft4!!) that sometimes his behind the beat a little, but we work on it every day and his improving in leaps and bounds.

The other thing for us as a couple is our height difference.. His 6ft 4 and I’m 5ft 4, we have to sacrifice his line a little bit when we are dancing in frame for our standard dances. I can only reach so high!! But I’m hoping the judges and our audience understand that.

One last question: any color hint on your first costumes (you know we had to ask you on this, right? Lol)?

Think precious metal 😉 omg this costume btw.. I’m so nervous about, not for him, for me!! It’s a little crazy and I think I had too much coffee when I came up with it lol, and totally underestimated how errm… Unforgiving it will be. Believe it or not we sometime get self conscious about these costumes we wear, and this is totally one of those weeks!! Lol.

Lastly, lots of hugs and good luck! Go Get ’em!!!xxx

YAY!!! Love you guys, please vote vote vote and let’s talk again soon.

Pic courtesy of ABC Dancing With The Stars