PureDWTS17 Media Round-Up One More Day And Counting (New Pics, Odds And Ends)

Hey, just a little “studio parking lot” picture heads up!! Be sure you see the Daily Mail first thing. They posted new photos of the cast of Dancing With The Stars Season 17 arriving and leaving rehearsals yesterday some of which include Derek Hough, Amber Riley, Cheryl Burke, Jack Osbourne, Peta Murgatroyd, Leah Remini, Valerie Harper, Tristan MacManus, Brant Daughtery, Bill Nye, and Emma Slater!!! Zimbio Pictures has a slew of new pictures as well such as these two pics below of Elizabeth Berkley and Peta Murgatoyd.



The Daily Mail also has some fun coverage of Snooki celebrating her son’s first birthday. Baby Lorenzo is adorable to say the least.

There is also a little piece at USA Today of Leah Remini commenting on Dancing With The Stars and how it’s helped her after her split with the Church of Scientology.

The difficulty of breaking with the church helped her to come onto the celebrity ballroom dance show, which Remini says she has turned down repeatedly in the past.

“Considering what I have been through this year, I figured that I am really at a vulnerable place in my life,” says Remini. “But I want to come from a place of strength. And it scares me do this. I want to go into it having fun. I want people to be inspired.”

Right now she is inspired to take on the rigors of the ballroom dance show.

“I think when people come out of something, and go into something new, it’s so invigorating,” says Remini. “And the amount of love and support you get for doing something, that might inspire other people during a difficult time.”

I wish there was some new pics and more interviews with Sharna and Keyshawn Johnson? 🙁 Though, if you go to this link, you can see a video of Keyshawn practicing a few dance moves during a 710 radio break. Also, below is Keyshawn Johnson with a “Mirror Ball Salute”! Sharna tweeted it saying, “Salute to that MBT!! #dwts So beyond proud of @thromedamnball & can’t wait for y’all to see him kill the cha cha this Monday on @dancingabc!!”


And that makes this post a wrap for now. One more day and counting, All! Not long to go now! xxx