Where’s the Dancing with the Stars Results Show?

The following is a guest post by Lois A Troutman.

Folks, I am eagerly awaiting DANCING WITH THE STARS! My stomach is tied in knots waiting for Monday night! Can ya please get here already! Typical of me before the season starts. Waiting for the show is like waiting in a doctor’s waiting room. Sometimes we wait and wait and wait………….. Oh pshaw, you get my drift!

I am having butterflies fluttering around in my stomach waiting. And, I say where is my results show? I was none too happy when ABC announced they had eliminated the Tuesday night show. I got much pleasure from having two nights out of the week to watch dancing. I want to see more dancing, not less.

How can they possibly fit everything in two hours? Something has to be sacrificed. There has to be less attention paid to the sparkling, spectacular pro dances. I suppose one good thing might be the elimination of the musical guests. But I was very happy to see those performers that I favored perform on results shows. Yes, the show had a lot of “filler” but at least I had another night of the show I love so much.

I hope ABC at least has a two night finale this season. And goes back to two nights in Season 18. I suppose though that the suspense of elimination won’t take as long because there won’t be enough time in the two hours to play the “elimination game.”

I will just have to get used to one night, grin and bear it. Light bulb just goes off in my head! I can watch Monday night’s show on Tuesday night! There ya go, by jove I have found a solution! I can still have my two nights of dancing! Glory be!

So, folks out in DANCING WITH THE STARS land, are you:

A. Going to bleed mirror balls if you don’t have a results show?
B. Reserve judgment until the season is in full swing, seeing how only two hours shakes out?
C. You are breathing a sigh of relief that you don’t have to sit through a results show?
D. You are taking the middle out of the dance floor because you don’t care one way or the other.